A day in Madrid

You came in Madrid and you worry about not having enough time to see everything. But you only have one day for visiting, I will share with you three of the most famous places in Madrid during three different times of the day. I’m talking about admiring “the Royal Spanish Capital” in the morning, during the evening and at twilight. You’ll be amazed how great can be to just admire these beautiful monuments in the sunlight.

Let’s begin our one day journey!


Start your morning in the heart of the city. Metropolis Building, a beautiful office center situated on the corner of Calle de Alcala and Gran Via is the most photographed sight in Madrid. The building is well worth a visit for its extremely elegant French style and wonderful Beaux Arts architecture.


Not far from the Prado Museum, you can find Madrid’s main park Parque de Retiro, a popular and magnificent place where you can rent a boat and enjoy your afternoon. In this green oasis you can find historical monuments such as the Velázquez, the Glass palaces and the Monument of Alfonso XII. 


At twilight you can start discovering the wonderful Madrid Old Town, starting from Plaza Mayor. Representing a major attraction, Plaza Mayor is ideal if you’re looking to experience Spanish lifestyle. Not far from it, there is Mercado de San Miguel, a popular market in town, but take in consideration that it is also quite expensive.

You can top off your day in Madrid, by dining at one of the many restaurant in the city center, this way your food will be accompanied by unforgettable views.

And that’s how our one day journey ends.


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