Before arriving in Madrid

 I came with my parents in Bucharest and rented a one night hotel room just to be sure that tomorrow morning at 6 o’clock I’m gonna be at the airport. Destination: Madrid  Purpose of Travel: Erasmus Length of stay: 1 Year

At the moment we arrived at the hotel I talked to B. and decided that we’re gonna meet at Aviatorilor and take a walk through Herăstrău Park. I had only one hour left to spend in the place where I used to come for hours. Of course, the time was not enough but we tried to cherish the last moments. How? Went to Mega Image ( typical Bucharest shop-it’s almost everywhere) took vanilla ice cream and Ice Tea and just enjoyed the view.


After laughing and telling each other our latest news, I had to go back to the hotel where my parents were waiting for me. Before going to sleep I took a long and relaxing bath, I couldn’t fall asleep until midnight and when I had to wake up, God, I wished I can sleep for at least 3 more hours. My alarm was ringing, the phone was ringing and we were ready to go.


In 5 minutes we arrived at the airport and we were a little bit nervous because we thought that my luggage was too heavy and we have to pay the extra fee. But everything was okay, the front desk lady was very kind and even if it was just a little bit heavier than it should be, she didn’t care. Thank you, Tarom lady. 😀

After that I realized that the hardest moment wasn’t the luggage but the fact that after I pass the security line my mom will start to cry and my dad will try to look brave even if right now he is not. Both of them look after me until the moment when I passed the passport control and after that they called me to know if everything is okay.

Of course they worry about me, a lot, but they also know that I will handle every situation and everything is gonna be great at the end of this experience. I’m also sure about this!

I am in the airplane, flying by myself and I enjoy this view so much. Now I can literally say that my head is above the clouds.

To be continued…

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