Dream Big & Work Hard

If you feel that you are drowning in work and there are countless things that you have to do but there is not enough time, just let me help you. I have discovered some ideas that you can use if you want to achieve your goals. It only consists of 7 simple steps.

Step 1: Prioritize what you want

One of the worst ways to use your time is doing something that you don’t need to do. Stephen Covey used to say that “The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.” 

Step 2: Write down your decisions 

Here is a golden rule of success : THINK IN WRITING. When you write down on a piece of paper the goal that you want to achieve, it gets a certain and tangible shape. On the other hand, the goal that wasn’t written remains just a simple desire or idea.

Step 3: Set a deadline for your goal

If you can’t set a feeling of urgency for yourself you won’t be able to achieve a big part of your goals. It is very important to know exactly when you want to see your desire fulfilled, that’s why I recommend you to set a deadline.

Step 4: Make a list

Writing a list with all the things you will need to do in order to achieve your goals is a good idea. If a new idea comes to mind, don’t forget to write it down until the list is complete.

Step 5: Organize your list as a plan 

For a couple of minutes think about what do you have to do in the first place and what you can do later. Focus on what is the first most important thing that you have to do. After that, you can think about the other things. It would be even better if you can develop your plan in the form of a series of squares and circles, on a piece of paper. You’ll be amazed on how simple it is to achieve the tasks once they are individually split.

Step 6: Start your plan 

Do something. Do anything! A common plan carried out with determination is way better than a brilliant plan that comes to be forgotten. To achieve any kind of success doing something is crucial, its the starting point!

Step 7: Use your time carefully 

Decide to not let one single day pass without doing something that will lead you closer to your goal. Each day, add an activity to your basic schedule. If it’s reading a certain number of pages related to a particular subject that you are interested in, taking time for some exercises or even learning a couple of words from a new language, everything matters. Do not waste your time!

My advice for you is …

Choose to go only straight ahead. Once you start, keep moving, don’t stop.  🙂

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