First night in Madrid

Aeropuerto Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas”…I’m trying to read this with a Spanish accent because I just arrived on the northeast of Madrid and I can’t believe that I’m only 12 kilometers far from the city center. And by the way, this airport is huuuge!


It wasn’t the first time for me in this airport, actually I’ve been here several times before, but each time I had a flight from Madrid to another destination and I haven’t got time to visit the city until now. But today is the day! I’m here, it’s just me, myself and I and I have to find my way to the exit. “¿Dónde está la salida?” This is the first useful phrase that you need to use when you arrive here.

Then keep in mind that if you arrive on Terminal 4 and you have to pick your baggage you’ll need to follow the signs that will lead you to a train. Curiously, there is no motorman in this train! The good part is that It will take you directly to the place where you can wait for your baggage (and of course picking it will last an eternity, so if someone is waiting for you, just let him know that you’ll be there in one hour).

After I found my red and gigantic luggage I asked myself “Where can I get a trolley?”. There is a machine that will exchange your coin into a chip and after you’ll introduce it you can use your trolley. There is no need to exchange it before you leave because you can keep it for your way back home.

As soon as I left the airport the Spanish weather made me feel I’m baking outside. At the exit, Flo was waiting for me for more than 2 hours but as soon as we met he forgot about it and seemed so happy to see me again. I haven’t seen him and his wife, Nicole for a couple of years and I felt like the time spent in the car on our way to their home was definitely not enough for so many stories.

But before I continue, let me talk about who they are. I know them since I was little but we haven’t seen each other that often because they are in Spain for more than 12 years. They have their own bar and I appreciate them a lot because they are so devoted to their jobs. Also they live together in a chic apartment in the south of Madrid with their 6 years old boy, called Mateo and this year I’m gonna live with them 🙂

Now let’s go back to the story, I met Flo an we went to their bar, called Cafetería La Oficina.


This was my first date with the Spanish bebidas & tapas.


From the first night at their bar, I’ve learned that there are several ways of asking for a beer depending on its size and type. For example, if you say una caña, por favor”, you will receive beer usually served in a 200 ml glass. I also recommend you to try to order “un tinto de verano, por favor”. It is definitely one of my favorites drinks and it is made of red wine, lemon soda, one lemon wedge and ice.

What I like very much about Spain bars is their tapas which means the free snacks served with the drinks. The Spanish people even use the verb tapear which means to go and eat tapas! It is part of their culture to give you for example some Jamón Iberico or Olivas. 

For the rest of the evening, I enjoyed Flo and Nico’s company.


To be continued…


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