Time for Siesta!

 A week has passed and I started to get used to the Spanish lifestyle, especially the Spanish so called siesta. You know what they say “Siesta is not for sleeping, it’s for dreaming”. First week in Madrid was all about relaxing and dreaming with my eyes opened.
Here in Madrid, almost every apartment complex has a pool and it is mandatory to have a certified person who can supervise the pool. Where I live, there is a girl working as a lifeguard, “una socorrista” and all summer her schedule is from 11 to 9 with only one free day per week. It isn’t an easy job because there is a lot of responsibility. If you are interested into this kind of summer job you need to know that you have to be certified. Besides the free time, I think that one of the best parts when you move to study abroad is that you have time and energy to do everything, including changing your new room to fit you. After I get settled in mine, I’ve started to search for shops from where I could buy things to accessories my dorm. First of all I recommend you to try : Muy Mucho PrimarkALE-HOPTIGER & Casashops . It’s gonna be so easy for you to find these shops because all of them are situated in the city center on Gran Via. From these shops I’ve bought paintings, pillows, stickers etc. just to make my happy corner look awesome. 🙂
On my first weekend I’ve also decided to go with Mateo at the cinema because he was eager to see “The Secret Life of Pets” comedy/animation or “Mascotas” in Spanish. It was indeed, a great movie, but guess what? IT WAS IN SPANISH, so I couldn’t understand one word, still, at the end, the experience of watching a movie without the subtitle in a junior cinema room was quite great. So, keep in mind, dear tourist in Madrid, the Cinema is only in Spanish!
Came home quite late, opened the TV and it wasn’t so strange to see a lot of Spanish TV programs. I said to myself “Ok, I will learn, Spanish, no pasa nada.”
The next morning I woke up and decided that today is the day I’m gonna make my metro card, it takes a lot of time to receive“la tajeta” if you do the same mistake like I did. It was clearly written on the internet that when you go to take your card, firstly, make a phone appointment, bring your ID with you and also a copy.
What I did was exactly this, excepting the fact that I forgot to take my ID card out from the scanner. That’s how I arrived in front of the office without my ID and the nice front lady told me that I absolutely have to go back home to take it. I said “No way, I’m gonna go and get it now”. It was one hour from my place to the office and I arrived there in the last 15 minutes barely breathing.
If you’ll see my metro card photo you’ll know exactly how I was feeling in those moments. But now everything’s great because I have my own red Public Transport Card.  Each month I have to put 20 euros on it the cost of an subscription, that’s because I am less that 26 years old. It feels so good to be young, isn’t it?
What is also very good is the energy that I receive everyday from the people who are playing their instruments in the metro. I feel sorry because I can see that they are very talented and they are not appreciated enough. Earning their daily money only from singing in the metro but still having enough respect and gratitude telling you “muchísimas gracias” at the end of each song, this leaves me speechless. Because of their songs I really feel that each morning starts good and ends better.

To be continued…

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