Discovering the City Center

Now that I have “el abono” for the metro and I can go wherever I want, I’ve decided that today I will discover the city center of Madrid. 
For the first stop I went to City life Madrid offices on Gran Vía because when I was home I saw their website and I get in contact with one of the coordinators, called Nicolas. He told me that I can come whenever I want to their office and they will give me a piece of advice about where to go, what I can visit and more information about everything I needed. When I arrived there I met Emma, a Romanian girl from Transylvania (yes, the Vampire land)  who came here for an internship at City life Madrid during her summer. She helped me find out more about the Spanish debit card and that’s how I came to open a Bank Account by only speaking Spanish. Thank you, Emma for all your help. 🙂

From there I went all the way down to Gran Vía and I was absolutely astonished by everything I saw. Admiring the architecture during the sunset was amazing. But even so, the first thing that I’ve noticed was the Primark building, haha, which was huuuge! I told to myself “Chica, you don’t have time for shopping right now, you’ll come back another day, vale?”.

Then I’ve arrived just in front of Cinema Callao where there is a small but classy Starbucks. I’ve remembered that a couple of years ago I drank my first cup of Starbucks coffee for the first time in Madrid. Now it’s gonna be the second one but surely not the last. I’ve ordered a Mocca Blanco and I was ready to go.
On my way to Sol, of course, I spilled coffee on my hands so I had to be clean as quickly as possible. I entered some normal Spanish shops “los mercados” but they didn’t have any baby wipes, yes.. baby wipes! They were very surprised that I asked about this. And there I saw the place called “CHINO”. Let me tell you what a Chino is.. it is the Chinese place where you can find almost anything, including baby wipes! And there are everywhere, every corner! Luckily for us!
Finally arrived in Sol at Puerta del Sol or “Gate of the Sun” , one of the best known and busiest places in Madrid. The name of the gate came from the rising sun which decorated the entry, since the gate was oriented to the east. In the middle of the Puerta del Sol is a large equestrian statue of King Carlos III, installed there in 1997.
Here is also the location of  one of Madrid’s symbols “El Oso y El Madroño”or “The Bear and the Strawberry Tree” a 20 ton statue of a bear eating fruits from a tree. And near it, there is a little piece of heaven… I mean, a huge Apple Store!
But I forgot to mention the most important thing. Guess who was waiting for me at Sol? Meet my date..
At the end of  Calle de Arenal I found  Plaza de Isabel II and on the opposite side the Teatro Real (Royal Theater), probably the most important building in this square. Teatro Royal is the Opera Theater of Madrid. In the middle of  Plaza de Isabel II we can see a statue dedicated to the Queen Isabel II. There is a very interesting story related to the fact that she used to kill her lovers after sleeping with them. And this is how today’s tour ends.
To be continued…

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