Midnight thoughts

After a midnight walk down to the city center and a long discussion, I just changed completely the way I see parties. I just realized that I’m part of that category of people who can¬†easily¬†meet others at parties.

For example, you have some friends who are called “party people”, you hang out with them at almost every party but it’s not like one of you really know much about the other. Because when you’re in a club where is so crowded and noisy you can’t talk, believe me, I tried that and my neck is still hurting. So you never find out more about the other except “Where are you from, what do you study and how much are you gonna be in Spain?”

When I say that I am from Romania, umm.. well first people are trying to guess what’s the capital and they still have some doubts if it’s Budapest or Bucharest (second one, just in case you still don’t know). A part of them are trying to flirt with me like “Uu, you’re from Romania, are you a vampire? Just don’t bite me”.

So, the main point is that even going to a party is fun and you meet a lot of people, still…at the end of the night you realize that you know nothing about those people that you just met. So I suggest you that if you are really interested in a person that you just met, try to go out with him everywhere else than just a party. Go eating somewhere, visit the city center, run together in a park or whatever you feel like doing but don’t just resume your knowledge about them at “He’s a party guy”.

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