What if…

That moment when your attendance list at the dancing classes is longer that the one from your Mathematics class.
What If the teacher asks you the reason why you look so tired this morning and will you really say the truth? Imagine it…
“Well, last night I went to my normal dance class and I stayed until 2 o’clock because I was feeling so good. But then I realized that there was no metro at that hour so I had to take a nocturne bus. Waiting for the night bus for like 20 minutes, arrive home in 40 min, oh, (I leave so far) fell asleep at 4 and wake up at 7 to arrive in time for your class.”
After this answer, don’t expect your teacher to tell you back: “Oh my God,  I really love salsa too, just tell me where the class is and maybe we can go together one time and skip this mathematics thing “
No way, this will never happen. At least I have decided to become a teacher. Actually, this  would be quite funny. I’m going be one of those teachers that I have always dreamed of. Coming in class smartly dressed, wearing a smile on my face and maybe a suit with some lovely shoes. I can imagine myself telling stories to my students from all my travel adventures, showing them some quick salsa moves during the break, answer them weird questions about my blog or going with them at the theater (a bit of improving our cultural knowledge is good for everyone, isn’t it?)
Wow, I fell asleep while writing this is the metro on my way to the University… Maybe I should just finish it already and get off so I can arrive in time. Until then, keep dreaming, dreamer.

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