The Royal Palace of Madrid

It’s early autumn and I’m in the place where you shouldn’t keep an umbrella with you day by day. However, it feels so good to take a walk to the city center when it’s pouring in Madrid. I’ve decided to let my sunglasses home, put my jacket on and go out. On my way to the metro I thought “Today it’s gonna be the day I’m gonna see the Royal Palace  of Madrid for the first time.”


I don’t know if I was lucky but the moment I arrived in front of the main building, the rain stopped, the sun began to shine bright again and I had the privilege to see an amazing view of the Royal Palace.

First all of all I would like to tell you how I arrived here. Opera metro station, was the place where I joined a group  of students from the Erasmus Student Network of my University. From there we had to walk for a couple of minutes until we arrived here. It was so great that we could entered the Royal Palace for free.

If you also want to visit “Palacio Real” for free you need to know that:  The free entry is from Monday to Thursday from 16:00 to 18:00 (winter) and from 18:00 to 20:00 (summer) for citizens or residents of the European Union and visitors from Latin American countries. Otherwise you have to pay 10 €- normal price or 5 € if you’re a student under 25 years, you have between 5-16 years or you’re over 64 years old. 


Keep in mind that there is a line and you have to wait a bit, that’s why I suggest you to come a little bit earlier.It’s gonna be also a quick security check just like in the airport. Also, don’t forget to bring with you your ID card or passport!

After all these steps our excitement of visiting and taking lots of pictures was getting bigger and bigger. We finally arrived in the center of the Palace. For a moment I couldn’t decide what to do first, so I took my selfie stick and started to take some pictures.


The Royal Palace of Madrid, built in the eighteenth century, is the symbol of the new dynasty of Kings that came to Spain, the Bourbons. King Philip V (the first Bourbon King in Spain) decided to build this enormous palace after a disastrous fire in 1734. This is also the symbol of his dynasty in Madrid.

Over the years, the palace was decorated with countless works of art from France, Italy, Flanders and Austria. Thanks to some of the best architects of the time, you can now admire wonderful sculptures, splendid lamps, clocks, valuable furniture paintings, etc.


What is absolutely stunning is the interior of the Royal Palace. You can find wonderful porcelain pieces, brought from the Royal Porcelain Factory located in Retiro Park.

I found out that nowadays the Royal Palace of Madrid is only used for official ceremonies and gala dinners attended by heads of state and monarchs of other countries. Also the Palace would never be inhabited again by the Royal Family, that’s because it moved to the Zarzuela Palace, located on the outskirts of the city.

14360317_330993277249581_645565434_oI could spend hours and hours in the Royal Palace admiring all the rooms (over 30 open to the public) but If I had to choose the most beautiful ones I would say the Throne Room, Porcelain Room and Dining Gala Hall. Unfortunately, in some rooms you can’t take pictures, but if you really want to remember how stunning was the inside, you can buy some postcards from their shop at the end of the tour, like I did.


Remember that on the First Wednesday of each month there is the Changing of the Guard Ceremony at the Royal Palace of Madrid. The performance begins at 12:00 and consists of a music band, 100 horses, more than 400 soldiers and vintage carriages. I think this would be for sure a spectacle well worth seeing!

I hope you arrive here at least once in your life and you will love this palace like I did.


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